Rare and unusual cheeses. Double cream cheese Finn. The Trethowan Brothers.

Over the years we have worked alongside many cheesemongers. Some we have helped train and had the pleasure of seeing them set up their own dairies and create the next generation of artisan British Cheeses. Some are long standing family friends who have been on similar journeys to us.

In 2019 we set up our on-line shop and its here we showcase some of the best British cheeses we can find, from friends old and new. Equally, when looking for accompaniments that go with our cheese, we look for small batch independent makers who share our ethos of quality and passion for making quality food, which is why you can trust that anything you buy from our online shop will be exceptional.

Neal’s Yard Creamery

Charlie Westhead and his team create the superb goats’ milk Ragstone and cows’ milk Finn cheeses at their dairy in Hereford, close to the Welsh border.

Friends for 28 years, Charlie and Todd started their cheese making careers together at Neal’s Yard Dairy and that friendship continues to this day. Charlie makes cheeses from locally sourced milk, the diary runs completely on green energy solutions and sustainable water management and the cheeses themselves are hand-made in small batches.

Rare and unusual cheeses. Neals Yard Creamery. The Trethowan Brothers.

Stichelton Dairy

Stichelton is a raw milk, traditional English blue cheese and is made by Joe Schneider and the team at Stichelton Dairy on the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire.

As with the search for our own dairy site, Joe was adamant that he wanted to use raw milk from a single source of cows and in his own words “I wanted to be located on the place where the cows were milked, where the grass grows and the rhythm of the farm and its seasons could be felt.” The result is quite simply superb, award winning cheese.

Stichelton Dairy. The Trethowan Brothers

Kitchen Garden Organics

The team at Kitchen Garden have been hand making small batch tasty relishes from family recipes since 1989. Award-winning, independent, focused on using only the best quality local ingredients with no artificial preservatives, thickeners, colourings or emulsifiers.

We think these are the perfect range of relishes to compliment our cheeses and our own cheese-making philosophy

The Trethowan Brothers. Handmade Cheeses and Accompaniments