Introducing "Ragstone" and "Finn" from Neal's Yard Creamery

  • 1 min read

We have teamed up with our long-standing friend, Charlie Westhead of Neal’s Yard Creamery to include his artisan, handmade cow and goat’s milk cheeses as part of our online shop!

We are really excited to have expanded our range to include Finn and Ragstone, and our friendship with Neal's Yard Creamery goes back a long time.

Todd first met Charlie 28 years ago and a firm friendship began. This has grown over the years as our dairies and families grew. A shared ethos for traditional hand-made methods and a passion for good cheese has kept the friendship strong, so when we decided to open an online shop, Neal’s Yard Creamery and their two top-selling cheeses were the natural choice to add.

Neal's Yard Creamery's Ragstone is a mature, soft goat’s cheese with bright lemony flavours that develop as the cheese ages. It has a dense, creamy texture and a white mould rind. Charlie has been perfecting the Ragstone cheese making process for over 30 years.

Neal's Yard Creamery's Finn is a delicious soft cow’s milk cheese with a rich creamy texture and a bloomy white penicillin rind. The flavours are rich, buttery and mushroomy with a hint of walnuts.

We are sure you will love these new cheeses as much as we do.
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