'The Seven Ages of Cheese' with Jenny Linford and Food FM Radio

  • 1 min read

Last month, we had the pleasure of being part of Food FM's series 'A Slice of Cheese', focusing on cheesemakers from around the world. We recorded our section at the dairy and it was great to spend some time thinking back to how we started our cheesemaking journey, from Wales to Somerset, from Caerphilly to Cheddar, the support and experiences we had along the way (from farmers to Llamas!) and more.

The session also includes interviews with Ned Palmer, a great friend of ours and author of 'A Cheesemonger's History of the British Isle's', fellow cheesemaker Rachel Yarrow and cheesemonger Rory Mellis of I J Mellis, one of the best cheesemongers in Scotland.

So if you want to find out what the collective noun is for a gathering of cheesemakers, plus some cheese history, you can listen to the recording - just click on the link below for all the episodes in this great series.